SPORE Creature Creator

SPORE Creature Creator 1.1

This is a free downloadable trial version for Spore Creature Creator

This is a free downloadable trial version for Spore Creature Creator.
It is a game with a simple idea, although its development is daring: you have to create a creature, highly evolved to be the dominant species on the planet and, finally, explore other worlds and dominate them.

Creature Creator lets you design your own creature including all kinds of different options. You can stretch and resize the trunk, feet or legs, hands or hooves and you can even choose between different eyes formats. The final step will be to apply a skin to make it even more interesting.

The real limitation is your own imagination to create a creature. In addition, when you finish your creature, is not just the end of the game. Now, you can take pictures, record a video and share them with a whole community of users across the Internet .

Spore Creature Creator has a very advanced graphics engine that is the warp that allows almost everything to be realistic in this game and gives all the creatures almost human expressions.

María Noel Balla
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